Practice Centola

Hypnotherapy – virtual band procedure to transform life experience as a jump start to a happy and blissful life

Is your life actually pretty much in a good place, still you feel something is missing and you feel unhappy? Or maybe you find life is giving you the challenge and you have a difficult time holding a positive vibe? Do you feel stuck in your progress and you need support opening up to raize your frequency  so it will be easyer for you to embrace your multidementional self?

Practice Centola  started in the year 2012, and provides hypnotherapy -virtual band procedure  and life transforming programs to support you being the best version of your zelf. Her mission is to support you  raising your vibrations up to the right level so you are able to transform your challenges in to ultimate bliss and eternal strength.

The inspirational force behind this practice is Ludzarda Everts, she has been working in this field since 2006. She has devoded her time and energy to help annyone who is willing to move forward in life.

If you  feel  comfortable with her approach, you like to take responsibility for your life, you like to move forward and regain and maintain  full strength in life. And you are willing to give 100% and  invest in your self in order to live up to your full potential.


If you may have any questions, please feel free to contact Ludzarda Everts, she will be delighted to provide you with the information that you need to start your journey.                             +31683221100

Who am I?

Please allow me to introduce myself,

My name is Ludzarda Everts,

Practice Centola was created out of my passion for mindfull – living. Centola is my middle name, she was a saint dedicated to helping the wounded and disabled regain their  strenght .

hypnotherapy- virtual band procedure  provides me with an beautifull and soul fullfilling energy, being able to be of service to the happiness of other people.

There are just such great upertunitay to explore  expanding  coumunication with your subcounsious. The mind is a powerfull personal tool, and how great is it, this power is your best friend if you allow his strenght to benifit your life purpose..

My programm Mindfull-life  is the merging  of my qualities and multiple talents that I received in life. I find it to be my humble experience that everyone has a purpose in life, actually this is something everybody knows and acknowledges on a certain level.

Still before we can get to actually doing what we were born to do, we might find ourselves passing through all kinds of turbulence in life. Truth is; until you allow yourself to see the gift that is stored in those life lessons, this life purpose can not reveal itself to you. Still  as soon as one takes the responsibility for its life and  decides to take a close look in the mirror, this gift will reveal itself allowing you to grow and expand on multiple levels of your existence.

Hypnotherapy-virtual band procedure and more

Practice centola offfers a variety of service in hypnotherapy and healing, creating mindfull-living:

  • Mindful-life program
    A custom made program to help you transform your mind issues and (re) create a happy  life
  • Energetic therapy healing
    Shamanic trance healing – Trauma healing
  • Hypnotherapy and regression therapy
    virtual band procedure – life style transformation
    changing old habbits – learning new patterns



Virtual band procedure – mindfull-life   programm               € 495,00   pProgramm

 Session hypnotherapy                                                                  125,00   pSession

 Coaching  and therapy treatment sessions                                   67,67   pHour



Available as a guest teacher/trainer

If you would like to invite me to your event ,  i am more than willing to.  Just contact me and we will work out the details on how we can be of servise to each other.